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    Hi All,

    Just wondering if anyone has used the software "Netquote Prophet" (http://asx.netquote.com.au/prophet.asp) and could let me know if it's any good.

    I have read the web page and it seems simple to use but I cannot find any reviews on the net about it.

    I was looking at Amibroker but looking at it it seems very complicated, is it hard to learn as I have the free trial but cannot do anything with it.



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    OK I think that I posted this in hast as I have spent last night playing with Amibroker and have finaly got it to receve data from IB.

    Looking at the two programs they are very diffrent in one that tells you what to buy and the other gives you charts and stuff (but you all already know that. D'ho ).

    I'm still have issues with the back fill option but that might be as I just running the free version.

    Anyway please close this thread as I will try to learn as much as I can on this Amibroker software and hopefully get it working for me.

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