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    Default Will bond markets collapse?

    With the difficulties Europe is having with recent bond issues, is it possible (likely?) that the bond market collapses? Many investors, including myself, have a large proportion in bonds. Would be interested to hear the views of anyone with a knowledge of the bond markets. Mine is basically basic!

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    The EU market has basically collapsed already - hasn't it? If Germany can't sell bonds, I fail to see how anyone else can, let alone at a rate which leaves the country solvent.

    Kicking the can down the road no longer works; the speculative part is whether they can do what is necessary to move forward.

    If not, then I would be buying the US. But that is speculation. See what Goldman Sachs is advising and do the opposite.

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    Interesting analysis by the ABC's Alan Kohler,

    How on earth did we get to this point, where the bond market vigilantes have gone from demanding monetary discipline to demanding the exact opposite?

    The answer is both simple, and frightening. The world's marginal fixed interest investors have gone from being long-term risk managers to short-term yield arbitrage slurplers.
    That, if true, can only end like any other bubble.


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