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    A flurry of media activity on Kevin Rudd this weekend including this,

    Mr Rudd said the Labor Party's values have been "lost in the mud of factional intrigue".
    No doubt a swipe at Gillard Labor.


    Is he hoping the Slipper maneuver will result in enough of a slip in the polls for Gillard Labor for him to finally pounce ?

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    Slippery Kev - the slipperiest (sp?) of them all!

    Therefore not PM material.

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    God how I hated Kev, but right now I would welcome him back with open arms after what this thing we call a PM is doing to OUR country.
    Interesting to see they have lost badly in NZ as well.

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    It is still my belief, irrespect of what Rudd has said that he is happy in the Foriegn Ministers postion, that if he does miss out on a seat on the UN assembly and is unsuccessful in his bid to become leader of the Labor Part again, he will resign and pull up stakes and move to London where Mrs Rudd has all her business intersts.

    Rudd is just abidding his time until it suits him.

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    Keep dreaming boys, keep dreaming.

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    Quote Originally Posted by drsmith View Post
    Manoeuver even...

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    Quote Originally Posted by IFocus View Post
    Keep dreaming boys, keep dreaming.
    I'd have thought you'd want him back.

    The next election would then only be a slaughter for Labor instead of a total annihilation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eager View Post
    Manoeuver even...
    Nah..he was trying to spell manure.
    "Speak softly, but carry a big stick". Theodore Roosevelt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IFocus View Post
    Keep dreaming boys, keep dreaming.
    Wont be long now IFocus ... the portulant contessa is out the back gargling as we speak.

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