Some advise please.
I run Market Analyst with EOD data that I do my charting work on, as I only use weekly and daily charts the $50.00 per month for, the asx SFE international indices etc I am happy with and if I want futures and commodities USA thats another $10.00 per month.

Where my problem is I will only trade using DMA CFD or an account with a margin loan.
So to do this its Royalty fees I get hit with ASX $40.00 SFE another $40.00 etc which I can see why as the platforms I use conditional orders ...if done and order cancel order.
using Webiress which I can update data with.
So I end up paying for the same data twice!!!!!!!

Market Analyst even through I paid oiver $1000.00 for their software, will not help with using webiress to update EOD data suppose no dollars for them!

So should I take plunge and maybe change to programme that supports webiress updating their data bases?
What does everyone else do? Smile and pay twice for the same data?