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    I thought to introduce a new thread and appreciate to learn your experience with the difficulties / issues/ road blcoks in getting work visas in overseas countries.

    There are now a large no of countries where Australian companies are doing businesses and recruiting Australians.

    Whereas having foreigners in Australia is pretty straight forward with employer's sponsorhip.

    How difficult to get a work permit like LMO in Canada and what is the normal time frame ? Even with an LMO for three years, I have been advised that the immigration officers at the port of entry have reduced the visa to one year .

    Australians can visit a large no of countries as a tourist but for business an elongated time is always questioned. Specially with American down turn, Canadian government is very stringent on overseas visitors including Americans on their entry.

    Any suggestions, experience with the normal time period to get an LMO ? Does it take 4 or 12 weeks ?

    How effective the immigration law agencies to pursue the case . Does the Canadian authories give a damn to this immigration lawyers /

    Thanks in advance
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    I'm interested in this topic also. My knowledge is as follows (this mainly revolves around working in ski areas):

    - Many countries offer working holiday visas to australians. However these are generally limited to individuals 18-30 years old.

    - I have obtained an H2B visa for the US in the past. This is a visa for seasonal work so is generally only valid for 6 months or so, and is common for work in the ski fields.

    - There's a visa for the states...I think it's the E3 which is available if you can obtain a job which is in the field for which you are university qualified.

    - It's easier to get visas for in demand professions such as teaching and nursing.

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