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View Poll Results: Is the Aussie Equities Market more driven by Sentiment compared to other markets?

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  • Definitely, the Aussie market follows sentiment way more

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  • To a significant degree the AORDis more influenced by investor sentiment than the US or UK markets

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  • To a tiny degree, clearly any sharp changes in investor sentiment are going to impact the market.

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  • We do our own thing.

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    Default Market Sentiment & the AORD

    A general question; do you think that the Australian market is impacted more by global investor sentiment than overseas markets?

    The local markets day to day tend to look for the US for leads, thus does the sentiment of global investors have a greater play in Australia than it would say in the US or UK?

    Is there any evidence to support that the Aussie market is driven more by sentiment than fundamentals as opposed to other global share markets?


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    Default Re: Market Sentiment & the AORD

    You don't have the simple option of "No" as a potential answer.

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