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    Consegna Group Limited (CGP) was formerly known as Helicon Group Limited (HCG).


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    On November 18th, 2013, Consegna Group Limited (CGP) changed its name to Rhinomed Limited (RNO).

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    RNO chart.png

    I've just been watching last night's Your Money Your Call, and this company was mentioned. It sounded like a great product so I looked up the chart and thought "Wow - could a mention on a Sky Business cause that kind of jump?" I notice they got a speeding ticket from ASX and had no explanation themselves. They company did mention in their reply that they felt the share price had been oversold following a sell-down by a previous major shareholder and had been re-rated by analysts since then.

    From a chart perspective it does appear that a turnaround was in progress and support at 0.02c was in place. The product sounds like it would have a large market with some decent marketing, and if they manage to commercialise a sleep apnea model they could be onto a great product. According to the company info on Commsec:
    Rhinomed Limited (RNO, formerly Consegna Group Limited) is a consumer and medical device company with a focus on nasal respiratory and breathing management. RNO operates in Australia and currently focuses on commercialising its near-to-market BreatheAssist Technology portfolio; including (i) sport & exercise, (ii) wellbeing (appetite & anxiety), (iii) sleep/snoring & sleep apnea, and (iv) drug delivery (migraine & allergies) market.
    The dude on YMYC gave it a glowing report (probably owned shares and was a very happy holder this morning), and it is apparently a popular device used by cyclists as it allows them to take in approx 30 - 40% more oxygen by wearing a little implant widget in their noses.

    I'd be tempted to put a very small % of my capital into it if it came back to about .025c or thereabouts, as it would appear to have a bright future if marketed and perhaps patented effectively. Thoughts???

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    I read an article in the age this morning about their products, and their deal with Boots in the UK.

    Their financials look absolutely shocking though, and the chart doesn't look great either with a recent capital raising to also factor in.

    Anyone following this stock at all?

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