Just thought I would warn other forum readers that it is so very easy to have fraudulent charges placed on your Credit Card if you are unknowingly stupid enough to sign up for an Apple Itunes account.

I dont suppose you can know everything in this world, but I most certainly would not have signed up if I had read this


or this


...or so many other Google search items that say Apple Itunes is subject to unstoppable credit card fraud since early 2009, and I can attest that it damm well isnt fixed, as my account was just instantly hacked.

Dealing with Apple iTunes "support" is beyond insanely frustrating.

The email response person/robot?/cyborg?? knows nothing, can do nothing, get a new credit card mate!

Well thats fills me with glee, getting new Ebay, Paypal linked up etc etc.

Having my credit card internet defrauded is an entirely new experience for me, and I have used it online a great deal with no previous problems.

Thankyou so much Apple Itunes NOT.....BE WARNED folks they are NOT SECURE.


I reckon they owe ME a few hundred $ in wasted time