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    Lightbulb The Mises Dinner/Seminar

    Hello all ,

    I thought some members here might be particularly interested in an event taking place soon in Sydney on the 25th-26th of November.

    The Mises Seminar will bring together Australians interested in libertarianism and the Austrian school of economics. The event comprises a dinner on Friday, November 25, and an all day seminar on Saturday, November 26. The events can be purchased separately, or together as a package deal at a discount.

    The seminar will field a line-up of prominent anti-state, anti-war and pro-market thinkers from around Australia, with special guest Professor Hans-Hermann Hoppe. Our speakers understand that free-markets generate prosperity, and that government intervention is both economically and socially destructive.

    The Mises Seminar venue is the Union, Universities and Schools Club (UUSC), located at 25 Bent Street Sydney. This is Sydney's most prestigious and exclusive venue, and the compulsory dress code reflects that. Ties and blazers for men, and the equivalent for women.
    More information such as the program, facebook group for those interested in the above ideas and other faq's can be found at the site - http://www.mises.org.au/

    Or obviously, ask here .

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    sounds fantastic!

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    Oh nice.

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    . If you like Ron Paul, this is the place to be on the 25th and 26th of November .

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    Does the Mises institute plan on having something similar in Melb?
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    Quote Originally Posted by gav View Post
    Does the Mises institute plan on having something similar in Melb?
    Hi Gav,
    The Mises Institute from the US is not officially involved, but they have blogged about the event and given an endorsement. The event is being held in Sydney in the hopes that the location allows for more individuals to attend (between Brisbane and Melbourne).

    More than half the tickets have been sold already. There are hopes of making this conference an annual event, so maybe it could move to a new city each year? I am not sure. There are no guarantees of another conference yet either.

    There's a group down in Melbourne who meetup every now and then for a quality chat. Most of them have joined the fb group (found through the faq) .

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