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    Default Decent paper trading system


    I'm lookng for a decent paper trading system to let loose on theories that I might have in regards to TA.

    Some reccomendations would be appreciated greatly.

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    Paper trading platform?

    Most online brokers have that facility
    You can do it in Excell
    Or if you wish to invest a few well spent $$s
    STATOR --- google it would be my choice.

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    I've made it in excel a couple of times before for a bit of fun. Was quite easy but i'm not sure how good your knowledge is with excel and what your exactly after.

    I used the same excel paper trading spreadsheet and tweaked it a little to get the stats for my betting account where i try to gradually build funds, it worked well.

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    Its self updating if you link it to a data feed EOD Yahoo is free.
    You can run multiple systems/paper trading ideas and it will do all the work and give you comprehensive walk forward info.

    But serious testing should be done first
    Amibroker/Tradesim double would be as powerful as you can get.
    Amibroker couples with tradesim


    Link it with C++ (Vitamin "C") in Tradesim and your at Pro level.

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    Excellent TYVM.

    I would like to give shorting a go and test out some wild theories I have without burning cash.

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