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    hey im new to trading but i bought some bul on comsec and i was wondering what does it mean when there are orders there but nothing is going on like it just stays the same price all day does this mean no one is willing to sell what the buyers are asking for and the buyers arent willing to pay what the sellers are selling for? or?

    also what do you people reckon about sxy (senex) and RED (red 5 limited) and ctp (central petroleum) as investments

    any feedback would be awsome

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    Prety much - Stale mate activity.

    Can;t help you on the other stocks, but as far as RED5 goes (mentioned on Phat Profits), I like it.

    Please, let me tell you Do Your Own Research!

    There is a RED5 thread inthe ASX stock chat. Read throught the entire thing.

    Then go and conduct your fundamental analysis on the stock.

    Opinions are in the RED5 Thread.

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    The market is comprised of buyers and sellers.

    For a trade to occur the buy and sell orders need to “match.”

    Some stocks trade frequently, some don’t trade for days.

    There are different trading strategies for both types stocks.

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    thanks for the info cheers

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    Quote Originally Posted by tezzdoggy View Post
    thanks for the info cheers
    There is a new facility on the internets. If you hold the shift key down on your keyboard ( like the old typewriter) you can capitalise the words at the beginning of sentences.

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