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    With the announcement that Soundwave Revolution music festival is cancelled, I must say I'm a little suspicious.

    Sure, events get cancelled from time to time and that's life. But cancelling an entire festival tour that involved numerous bands and also effectively shutting down the website? And doing so when tickets were still on sale immediately prior to the cancellation? And doing so right in the middle of global financial turmoil?

    It looks less like a normal event cancellation and more like a company gone bust to me. Perhaps I'm wrong, but it's not normal behaviour that's for sure to be simply disappearing as an entity - no festival, effectively no website, nothing. Either that or it was a scam all along (I'm certainly not the only one suspecting this...).

    Good luck to those hoping to have their tickets refunded.
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    Wasn't this organised by the same group that has been operating the regular Soundwave event for the past few years? Personally I was put off by the fact the VIC event was to be in Melton.

    I hope the regular event still happens next year. Best festival on the calendar IMO. The most recent event was possibly the best heavy metal lineup ever to appear in this country.

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    Apparently one of the bigger bands withdrew from the line up, causing people to want their money back, this cascaded into everyone not bothering to play, as more fans wanted refunds and etc etc. This is just what I've heard and not official at all, pretty sad at it being canceled as I already booked flights and tickets to go. Did anyone else book online? Have you got your money back? I haven't got mine back yet and just wondering when I should start chasing them for the money.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ParleVouFrancois View Post
    pretty sad at it being canceled as I already booked flights and tickets to go. Did anyone else book online? Have you got your money back?
    Had the flights and accommodation already booked...

    Main reason I posted this on ASF though is that things like this don't just fall over routinely. My thinking goes along the lines that consumers just aren't willing to spend the $ due to the broader economic situation (that is, poor ticket sales) and that this made the whole thing a dud for the promoter (financial loss) and bands (nobody wants to play a half empty venue) alike. Maybe I'm wrong, but most strange happenings like this have something to do with money...

    Looking at the bigger picture, maybe it's just a festival that fell over but I'm thinking more in the broader economic contex. Consumers aren't spending in the shops so they probably don't want to spend on concerts / festivals either. If that's the case then this won't be the last event to fall in a heap.

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    Festivals on the whole these days are ****

    Full of roided up wankers, orange clone girls and **** music... mostly

    Warehouse parties or bush parties or GTFO

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