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    Default Legally Condoned Stockbroker Fraud

    The judge said it was difficult to calculate the loss to creditors caused by their actions.
    Sometimes you wonder.

    Opes Prime directors jailed

    The judge can only sentence within the parameters given to him by legislation and precedent. However 12 months jail seems a pittance for a fraud of $600,000,000

    Laurie Emini admitted he used his position as founding director to gain financial advantage and was reckless in using his power.

    Today in the Victorian Supreme Court he was sentenced to serve two years in jail.

    He will be released on a good behaviour bond after 12 months.
    I do not believe this a sentence that will act as a deterent for other stockbrokers to commit fraud on their clients.

    Opes Prime directors jailed
    They were jailed, but were they punished?

    Opes joins a long list of frauds against investors from stockbrokers and financial advisers.

    When will it stop and should they have a health warning on their premises and documents.

    "Beware all ye who invest here "

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    Default Re: Legally Condoned Stockbroker Fraud

    Strange world GC

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    Default Re: Legally Condoned Stockbroker Fraud

    China gave the death penalty for a $4m fraud by 2 people of a government owned company.

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