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    Default MOX - Monax Mining

    Joint venture negotiations will firm up very soon.
    Keep the faith

    Once this happens, the share price will go back to the 30s for sure.

    People are just waiting to see which direction this will go. I bought in again at 0.19 last week.

    Just look at the broker presentation and their news releases - their tenements are really solid with Olympic Dam minerals potential in their major tenements.



    Directors bought shares last week.
    Uranium stocks are still the way to go and Monax is a pure play uranium and copper gold exploration company !

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    Default Re: MOX - Monax Mining

    Yeah? I noticed a few uranium and copper mining companies popping up over the last quarter. Recently - (UXA) - URANIUM EXPLORATION


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    Default MOX - finally going up

    Latest announcement once again confirms their commitment to exploration.

    Am still holding my parcel until it hits 30 cents.

    Once joint venture negotiations are finalised, this will sky rocket to where it was 2 months ago !

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    Smile Re: MOX - Monax Mining

    Hi folks,

    MOX ..... figure this one will be on a roller
    coaster in January 2006, with some good
    news expected around 18-20012006 and a
    rally into 27012006 ..... ???

    Ticking up already .....

    happy days


    P.S. ..... holding MOX

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    Smile Re: MOX - Monax Mining

    Hi folks,

    MOX ..... ticking up nicely, now .....

    happy days


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    Thumbs up Re: MOX - Monax Mining

    Finally.....MOX supporters coming out of the woodwork !!

    Where were you guys when I was all alone heralding its return ??

    It's been a long time since a market sensitive announcement. The market is obviously expecting something significant.

    Most of the other URANIUM stocks like KOR (Korab) and UXA (Uranium Exploration of Australia) also went up today after a very good writeup of nuclear power being the fuel of the future (in the Sydney Morning Herald).

    TAKE NOTE DAY TRADERS......as stated in the SMH report and well known throughout, the best places to be for uranium exploration and mining are in the SA and NT states, although now that Gallop has resigned, things may be better for uranium projects in WA too.

    MONAX is on the upward trend. The next announcement should be soon !!!

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    Smile Re: MOX - Monax Mining

    Hi folks,

    MOX ..... it took a little longer than anticipated,
    but today is payday .....

    happy trading


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    Default Re: MOX - Monax Mining

    Watch out for the Mar 06 newsletter - due to hit the ASX soon.

    MOX has had a fabulous month with heaps of positive news.

    In the current hot uranium climate, such a stock at an entry price of close to 30 cents is hard to come by.


    Expect this to go up today/tomorrow......

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    Smile Re: MOX - Monax Mining

    Hi folks,

    MOX ..... indicators in no-man's-land, waiting on
    some news ahead:

    10042006 ..... positive news here ... monthly report today.

    21042006 ..... positive financial news??

    27042006 ..... minor cycle

    05-08052006 ..... significant and negative???

    12-15052006 ..... flat period, with one positive and
    one negative cycle coming together???

    18052006 ..... minor ... finances???

    26-29052006 ..... minor cycle

    07062006 ..... minor

    13062006 ..... significant and negative???

    14062006 ..... significant and positive news???

    30062006 ..... minor

    happy trading


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    Smile Re: MOX - Monax Mining


    Monax is an unteresting uranium play. I'm watching it closely. I like to stick to stocks which have leases in states where the state govt is pro-uranium. Hence, I've taken a strong position in Intermet Resources (ITT). All its uranium leases are in SA and it will be drilling this month at its Watson Projesct in SA. At 26c I thinks its good value. Any other views out there?
    As always do your own research before buying. I'm not a financial planner, just a speculator with 27 years experience.

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    Default Re: MOX - Monax Mining


    I agree with you that MOX is a great uranium stock to hold in your portfolio.
    I am waiting for another round of market sensitive news.

    The latest monthly report is due out very soon and it will be very interesting to see what happens to the share price once the extra tenements that MOX has applied for is successfully granted to them by the SA government. All indications point to a move to the mid to high 30s again, as seen a month ago.

    They also have Kangaroo Island drilling due to start - prominent zinc deposits have been found there. But the one that I am really excited about is definitely the Gawler Craton - this is where all uranium and other precious metal explorers are setting up shop as it is known for its rich deposits.

    I am attaching an interesting article that highlights SA as the state to be in for uranium mining - take note that the Gawler Craton comes in for a special mention !


    With the price of uranium at its highest in years, I am confident that this explorer will do well !

    What do all you uranium fans think of MOX?

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    Default MOX hops on to Kangaroo Island

    All you uranium and zinc fans

    I invite you to take a look at my previous posts. As expected, the Kangaroo Island announcement was released today. Now that Monax has secured the services of a rig and will start drilling on 30 May 06 (2 weeks away), it will be exciting times ahead.

    Watch this stock - the next market sensitive announcement ie. the April 06 monthly report will be released very soon.

    Come on you fans of uranium stocks - tell me your views !!

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    Default Kangaroo Island drilling to start soon !

    Watch this space......announcement expected very soon !

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    Default Re: MOX - Monax Mining

    Its a pretty cheap buy at the moment. Might be time to look for a recovery.


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    Default MOX - Monax Mining on the upward move

    I have been a firm backer of this stock. I strongly believe that with such hot interest in uranium stocks, this fact that MONAX begins its largest exploration projects since listing last year will prove fruitful dividends for the share price.

    It has many projects that are highly promising, not to mention the Gawler Craton (uranium, copper, gold), Kangaroo Island (zinc).

    Watch this stock closely over the next month - I look forward to it reaching the glory days of high 30s to 40s !

    Anh supporters want to back me up on this stock ?

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    Default Re: MOX - Monax Mining

    See this stock climbed 5 cps to 33c on friday.

    Looks like a fairly solid investment.
    There's only one cure for ignorance, and thats education... so teach away.

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    Default Re: MOX - Monax Mining

    Buy side is extremely strong on this, i'm picking its gonna run on news.

    Sellers are holding out and it looks like it could rocket.

    Anyone else following this stock?
    There's only one cure for ignorance, and thats education... so teach away.

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    Default Re: MOX - Monax Mining

    Hit 44c yesterday, now retracing a little.

    3-4 weeks for results to come in from the test lab, give it a week and the price should drop off a bit and present a good buying op.
    There's only one cure for ignorance, and thats education... so teach away.

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    Default Re: MOX - Monax Mining

    Trading halt

    Don, are you still in?
    I got in mid 50's, wish I was in earlier but not to worry...

    The directors of Monax Mining Limited request ASX grant an immediate trading halt to the
    companys securities ASX code MOX pending announcement on drilling results.

    The Directors confirm that there are no reasons as to why this should not be granted by

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    Default Re: MOX - Monax Mining


    I never actually took up this stock - was over committed during the time I should have been buying.

    Looks like MOX, VMS, CUY, GUN and HAV are all in fairly similar positions. I believe HAV have holdings in MOX, CUY and VMS.

    I think i'm gonna jump on to VMS next.

    Also think that MOX will definately boom after the announcement - good on you for getting in.

    There's only one cure for ignorance, and thats education... so teach away.

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