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    Default What to do with US dollars?

    I have a whole lot of US$ and really wish I could go back in time to convert them into AUD or NZ dollars.
    So, I was wondering what I should now do to minimise risk at this point in time.
    Should I convert half of the US$ into a US index fund (tracking the S&P 500)?
    What would happen to the US sharemarket if there was a further, major, collapse in the US$?
    I don't want to be left with a bunch of worthless paper (worst case scenario), that's all...

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    Default Re: What to do with US dollars?

    Assassinate Glen Stevens? Just a suggestion.

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    Default Re: What to do with US dollars?

    Please note ASF members cannot give financial advise due to ASIC laws. Please consulate a financial advisor or read the AUD/USD thread for other members forecasts.

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