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    Hi everyone.

    So I have been asked to trade on behalf of a US based, fully regulated, Commodity Pool. From the US point of view I can trade for them as an exempt CTA (Commodity Trading Advisor), as such I do not need to register with the NFA (National Futures Association). So I am happy it's legal from that point of view.
    I'm wondering whether I need to register with anyone here in Aus, as I will be based in Australia while I trade on their behalf. Is there any laws that would stop me from Trading for this firm?

    Please only give advice if you are 100% positive on the law.

    Is there anyone out there that already trades for a US company?

    Thanks everyone

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    Default Re: HELP! Legality of an Australian trading for a US Fund

    Go and get a lawyer son, go and get yourself a real good one.

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