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    Default WTF - The Brisbane Bombers???!!!!!

    Evil is afoot here people. The Brisbane consortium that is bidding for an additional NRL club licence has unveiled the proposed name........ The Brisbane Bombers!!! They will be navy and orange.

    Apparently Essendon have started looking into legal action to block the move.

    They came up with the name after a number of perople were surveyed and responded positively to the name "Bombers". Wow - who would have thought that there would have been positive recognition associated with the name of an existing national football team when compared to other names?? They are just trying to glom onto success by association.

    Hopefully sanity will prevail. A State Brand shouldn't take precedence over a National Brand.

    What do other people think? Is it a good name, bad name, good for the NRL, bad for the the AFL?

    Remember - it's not a lie if you truely believe it yourself.

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    Default Re: WTF - The Brisbane Bombers???!!!!!

    come on ....in the footy codes all over australia names are used....it just has to be a bit different.....

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    Default Re: WTF - The Brisbane Bombers???!!!!!

    Rugby doesn't bomb the ball into goals, it tosses the ball.

    I reckon we should suggest to them the name " The Brisbane Tossers"

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    Default Re: WTF - The Brisbane Bombers???!!!!!

    it's a stupid name anyway.

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    My understanding was that the team being proposed will be 'representing' the western suburbs of brisbane and ipswich in particular. Our current rugby league team in ipswich (that plays in the qrl) is called the 'jets', which is due to ipswich's large airforce base at amberley. So I would say the 'bombers' would be an extension of that theme.

    When was that name announced anyway? I must admit I haven't been watching the news the past 2 days

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