Hi folks.

I am very new to all this. Been tentatively trading for 2 months. Lost a little, but made more. Still very much in the "steep learning curve" phase.

I have been reading about scalping. Its a style which suits my personality and I want to try this sometime in the future. When I say scalping, I refer to trading the "bounce" in the bid/ask spread. That 0.5 cent up and down that repeats itself so reliably in some stocks

But the one problem with all I've read is that nobody ever mentions figures. I mean, I understand, its nobodies business how much anyone else spends or makes. But when people say, a cheap stock with high volume and liquidity. How cheap? How much volume? And how much is it safe to buy and not struggle to sell.

I am imagining going for maybe 30,000 shares in a $0.30 stock. Is this realistic? What volume figures would you need to shift this?

I know this is a bit of a "how long is a piece of string" question. But all info filed away now could stop later mistakes which may hurt my meager capital.

Also, anyone care to share a few of your scalping watched list?

cheers all