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    Just wondering if anyone can assist with the following code to export from Amibroker to a SCV file?

    Need to export Exploration results (regardless of what is in exploration) automatically saved to a directory with the current day's date in the file name.

    I know this can be done manually with the Automatic Analyser but want to code into any exploration.

    thanks in advance

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    You can find some code examples in the UserKB section of the AmiBroker website which should get you going.

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    Thanks Colion

    I've found code on exporting quotes & also to export watchlists but nothing for an exploration as yet and i've not been able to modify any of the quote code with success yet.


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    A search of my library turned up this code. It's javascript but may be of some use.


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    Default Re: Amibroker export to CSV file

    If I understand your question correctly, it appears you are asking to create the CSV file from the exploration AFL rather than export the results afterward.
    To export afterward, I think you will have to use scripting as per the previous quote.

    To log to a specific CSV file from your exploration have a look at the Amibroker help for ALF functions: fopen, fputs, fmkdir

    With the AB file functions you can read and write to files from within AFL.
    I have used it in the past to back test another programme's Elliot Wave buy/sell recommendations by reading in that history during back test and also displaying arrows on a chart.

    When I was trading full time in 2005-2006 I use to use www.autohotkey.com software to automate activities on my PC including the import of data into AB. I was not as comfortable with java script.

    I hope this helps.

    Meanwhile I am trying to find information on live market feed for orders + trades to integrate into AB...(posting new thread shortly )

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