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    Default 17-year-old St Kilda girl changes her story

    In a statement to the AFL Players' Association (AFLPA) the schoolgirl changed her story and denied that she had had a sexual relationship or took illicit drugs with the deregistered player agent, News Ltd papers say on Thursday.

    The papers said Nixon was determined to seek damages upwards of $2 million from the AFLPA in light of the revelations.

    The sensational twist looks set to complicate a police investigation into Nixon, with a brief of evidence under review from the Office of Public Prosecutions.

    Nixon denied pressuring the 17-year-old to retract her statement and has always rejected her claims of sex and drugs despite a damning video of him in his underpants in her hotel room.

    In her statement the teenager also claimed she was affected by drugs when she spoke to AFLPA-commissioned barrister David Galbally, QC, about her relationship with Nixon.

    In his report, Mr Galbally found Nixon had taken advantage of a vulnerable girl and engaged in drug-taking and sex with her.

    Nixon told News Ltd that the AFLPA probe was an "an amateurish investigation at best".

    The 17-year-old said she is leasing a house in St Kilda, had paid six months rent in advance and planned to buy it.

    Source: http://news.ninemsn.com.au/nixon/825...nges-her-story

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    Default Re: 17-year-old St Kildagirl changes her story

    Going to BUY the house in St Kilda??? Where are the millions coming from!?
    "You can't have a double dip if you never left the first dip!" - Uncle Festivus

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