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    Bluechiip Limited (BCT) invented and developed a new passive tracking technology that survives cryogenic temperatures, high temperature sterilization and gamma radiation. Bluechiip’s tracking technology can passively track and monitor the temperature of cryopreserved samples in biobanks, cordblood banks and other tissue related banks. The tags offer a competitive alternative to traditional barcode and RFID tracking technologies for storing and tracking valuable biological materials.


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    Default Re: BCT - Bluechiip Limited seriously one to watch

    its only early but BCT is one the rise once they get their 1st sales things will take off

    tightly held so the amount i want i cant get but up 8% so watch this close i believe

    they will make it big with a market all to themselves...tb
    only a legend has a street named after him!

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    Default Re: BCT - Bluechiip Limited seriously one to watch

    "Company Presentation - July 2012 update":


    Use "Stainless Steel Trace Wire" to ensure that this fish doesn't get away!!
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