If anyone else is using Marketech, you will know that the ASX is trying to get them to charge all customers royalties for provision of 'ASX derived data'

You probably also know that you aren't really getting that much info - only a bid/ask spread. No market depth - so most people (like myself) pay a third party for market depth/course of sales etc.

I rang Marketech and asked if royalty payment was compulsory if I just wanted to enter limit orders - using the info I have paid for through the 3rd party.

They confirmed that I would not have to pay the royalty and can enter limit orders, and they are fighting the issue with ASX.

This message does not constitute financial OR CONTRACTURAL advice (ie don't blame me if something changes).

I am a happy customer of marketech, but have no financial interest in them (other than the account I hold with them).