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    Amazing run from this coal explorer even a speeding ticket could not hold it back, great also for MLM which has approx. $50m MTE holding, almost an vertical climb and MLM is following it to the top
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    They say a picture is worth a thousand words jumped on at .32c

    When stocks go up you should have bought more!
    When stocks go down you bought too much!

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    what is the future of mte? thanks

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    Share price - 28c
    Shares on Issue - 209m
    Market Cap - $58.5m
    Cash on hand - $15m (Excludes funds available in SinoCoal Joint Venture.)

    Substantial Shareholders
    Metallica Minerals Limited 30.8%
    DADI Eng. Dev. Group 19.6%
    Mathews Capital 16.3%

    •Total Resource of 3.8 billion tonnes
    Inferred - 3,512.8Mt
    Indicated - 270.7Mt

    •Resource –1.56 billion tonnes
    •Mineability –suited to longwall mining,
    •Saleability –high quality thermal coal,
    •Minimum impact on the surface
    •Rail –capacity on proposed Surat Basin Rail
    •Port –MetroCoal has priority capacity allocation at proposed 3TL coal terminal
    Bundi: Longwall Mining
    •Shallow Depth 100m –250m
    •Continuous mining seam
    •Mining height 2.7m to 3.6m
    •Higher yield than opencast miners in the Surat Basin
    •$23.45 per tonne at the pit head
    Bundi – Attractive Coal Quality
    • Specific Energy GAR +6000 kcal/kg
    • Low ash, low sulphur, low phosphorous.
    • Washability data for mining section shows
    • High yield – 75% to 85%
    • Clear cut point 1.55 – no near gravity material

    SinoCoal –MetroCoal Columboola Joint Venture
    •Joint Venture with SinoCoal Resources on EPC 1165 Columboola (SC 51% -MTE 49%).
    •Sino Coal investing $30M
    •Targeting down dip extensions of Cameby Downs mine.
    •Inferred resource of 1,297Mt. Substantial increases expected.
    •Mining target area identified.
    •Progressing to next stage –EIS, concept studies etc.
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    On December 8th, 2014, Metrocoal Limited (MTE) changed its name and ASX code to Metro Mining Limited (MMI).

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