Gday Everybody

Im interesting in seeing how some Gen Y'ers are doing and also what they are doing investment wise. I know our generation is known for being loud mouth drunk yobbos and i would be lying if i denied that i was one.

Age: 21

Job: Electrical engineering tech

Wage: $100 000

Shares: None so far have a small sum of cash saved up for some play money in the share market so ive been keeping a close eye on the market and i am happy that i didn't invest as everything i was interested in i would have lost money on so far

Property: I have a house worth roughly 390 000 with a 340 000 mortgage been lucky enough to have some good growth in the area but Im sure that will start to decline this year. Also looking at starting investment property portfolio.. With these doom and gloom times Im saving as much as possible to pick up some well priced properties next year hopefully. Ideally i would like to find some positively geared property as these prices come down.

What are you predictions for the next few years? Are you investing big atm or holding back?

Would like to here how everybody doing!

Cheers Luke