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    Default Death by cucumber?

    From todays news.

    "German health chiefs announced four more deaths feared to have been caused by E. coli-contaminated cucumbers, bringing to ten the number of suspected deaths in the country.

    Two of the ten deaths have so far been officially attributed to the deadly E. coli strain, with about 300 cases of infection reported in several countries in the past week

    The four new deaths in north Germany were announced by the health ministry of Schleswig-Holstein state and a clinic in Hamburg. The victims were three women in their 80s and a fourth in her 30s.

    Authorities in southern Spain said Saturday they had introduced restrictions on two distributors suspected of exporting cucumbers tainted with the bacteria that causes the potentially fatal haemolytic uraemic syndrome (HUS)."
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    Default Re: Death by cucumber?

    Not much in the media over -here in Europe at the moment about this.

    I'll be in Germany next week...

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    Default Re: Death by cucumber?

    First the banks fail , DSK get arrested when he slips on a bar of soap and the maid happens to be in the room and now this gawd what's the World coming to.

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    Default Re: Death by cucumber?

    Getting bigger.
    18 dead.
    1500 ill
    New strain of e-coli that doesn't react to medicine.
    Germany blamed Cucumber, which has turned out NOT to be the case.
    Russia is banning imports of fruit and veg
    Spain wants compensation because it is loosing $200million a week in exports


    I'm flying to Berlin today for the weekend. Looks like beer and cooked food for me only.

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    Default Re: Death by cucumber?

    So the cucumber is innocent. Spanish cucumber farmers go broke and Spain drifts further into bankrupsy.

    An outbreak of killer E. coli that has spread to 12 countries and killed 19 people may be linked to a Hamburg festival in May and could have caused a 20th death, according to reports.

    As authorities continued to hunt the source of the killer bug, Germany's national disease centre, the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), is looking closely at a harbour festival that took place in Hamburg on May 6-8.
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