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    Default UN rights chief attacks 'disturbing' policies

    The United Nations Human Rights Commissioner, Navi Pillay, today launched a wide-ranging attack on Federal Government policies, criticising mandatory detention of asylum seekers and the Northern Territory intervention.
    By Jennifer Thompson ABC
    http://www.abc.net.au/news/stories/2...25/3226610.htm (click to read on)

    Personally I agree with all statements the UN HRC has made, disgusted and ashamed by successive Governments in failing in its role as a country of example to those around it on the issues of Human Rights.

    I am embarrassed as a citizen that someone purporting to represent me implemented the Aboriginal Intervention, doubly so that those currently in power have done nothing to abolish it and profusely apologise once again.

    On the non issue of Asylum Seekers, I wish people would see this for what it truly is: whenever there are real issues up for discussion, both Tweedledee and Tweedledum like to wheel out "brown people on boats" to distract the population and it works consistently. That said, I believe our treatment of Asylum Seekers is abhorrent, both inside detention and in regards to our methods of integration into society if asylum is granted.

    On the other hand I know from reading past ASF threads on this topic that many/most here vehemently disagree with the UNHRC on this.

    So, thoughts, anyone?
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    Default Re: UN rights chief attacks 'disturbing' policies

    Why not use Nauru? I thought I heard they are willing to be a signatory to the UN convention.

    I understand that people weren't locked up there, it discouraged welfare rorters posing as asylum seekers fleeing for their lives and yet gave a place of safety for those who were genuine.

    I understand that many of those who did go to Nauru were given entry to Australia. That could be interpreted that the welfare rorters didn't bother with Nauru and the genuine ones were happy to be anywhere that was safe.

    Why Gillard wants to people trade with 800 (or none) of ours for 4000 of Malaysia's seems unbelievably silly. Especially if Malaysia decide they don't any of ours. I guess it would be too much pride for the PM to pick up the phone to Nauru.

    I read an article recently where a psychologist and refugee advocate said he felt that Nauru was far more humane than the current overcrowded detention centres of the labor government.
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    Default Re: UN rights chief attacks 'disturbing' policies

    Righto UN Woman, we'll just open the borders then. We will make the criteria for Australian residency and citizenship 'being a human' (i.e. render the word 'Australia' a meaningless sound). 'Twould be consistent with 'Uniting Nations' after all .
    I heard this woman was from South Africa - figures. South Africa isn't even slightly a nation.

    And regarding the intervention: damned if you do damned if you don't. Whilst I would prefer the policy 'leave people to do their own thing, regardless of our opinion of it, or their race, so long as it hurts no one else' - what would happen? If the drunk mayhem continued, the UN human rights people would yell about that too. I say they can go to hell.

    One more thing - I actually saw this on the TV today (might have been George Negus' program, not sure). Some guy was crapping on about 'few of the boat people are White' etc, implying there was 'racism afoot'. Of all the mental bull****. Firstly, I may live in Australia, but I see no evidence day-to-day that I live in a 'White Country'. Secondly, Australia didn't get to pick what races happened to prefer to prefer boating over here, and thirdly it's not like the coast guard gives a **** - an illegal boat is an illegal boat. And what would be the solution? Open borders of course, except perhaps for whities - too many perhaps.

    I for one am happy to sponsor a few boats going back the other way with a few certain people on board...

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