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    The bank stocks continue to perform poorly in the market action today. Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. (NYSE:GS) is trading $139.09, -1.75 (-1.24%). The price action in the bank stocks of late tells of further downside. Goldman Sachs will likely hit support at $135.75. This looks to be a level that can be played as a long swing trade. Goldman Sachs has been under significant pressure of late because of new regulations and the coming end of QE2. These factors have all been putting pressure on Goldman Sachs and dragging it down.

    Gareth Soloway


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    And the fact that the only source of 'profit', trading, is collapsing due to low volumes in the Fed bubble called the Dow, while housing is in a double dip?

    You might get a sympathy bounce but I think their (the US) problems are structurally terminal?
    Humanity is just a discretionary ponzi scheme

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