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    Tellus Resources Ltd. (TLU) is a mineral exploration company established for the purpose of acquiring, exploring and developing prospective mineral deposits, particularly gold.

    Tellus has six exploration tenements in regional New South Wales, all located in areas of historic goldfields, but with relatively little in the way of modern exploration activity.

    The New England Tenements, which cover a total area under lease of approximately 205 square kilometres, are in an area of historic goldfields last mined in the late 1800’s. This area is prospective for intrusive related gold deposits and remains largely untested by modern exploration techniques.

    The Southeast Lachlan Tenements, which cover a total area under lease of approximately 753 square kilometres, are situated in the area that was the focus of the NSW Government’s "New Frontiers" initiative of 2010, which will provide high resolution geophysical maps of the area. Tellus will be able to take advantage of this data to deliver a focused exploration program.


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    MC - $4.5m
    SP - 13.5c
    Shares - 34m
    Options - NQ
    Cash - $3.6m

    Top 20 - 51%

    • Finalisation of the purchase of the Chillagoe Project
    • Over 30 years of exploration data compiled from hard copy into a coherent digital database
    • Development of robust IRG geological model for mineralisation
    • Mobilisation of field team and setup of field base in Chillagoe
    • 2,688m of RC drilling completed at Chillagoe to test previous intersections and newly conceived geological model
    • Two (2) EPM applications consolidating the Chillagoe ground position increasing total tenement size to 29,359 hectares

    Projects & Exploration
    During the June quarter the Company has focused on:
    • validation and compilation of previous drilling into a digital database;
    • creation of a robust geological model to explain the significant gold and gold‐silver intersected by previous explorers;
    • mobilisation of field crews and setup of a field base in Chillagoe; and
    • Tellus' first drilling program at the Chillagoe Gold Project designed to confirm positions and grades of the existing gold and gold‐silver intersections at Wandoo and Empire.
    No exploration was completed on the NSW Projects in the June quarter.

    Chillagoe Gold Project, QLD
    RC drilling started on the 22nd May 2012, focused on proving up and confirming the previously defined
    ‘discovery’ intersections from the approximately 30 years of previous drilling.
    By the end of the quarter a total of fifteen (15) RC holes for 2,688m were completed at the Chillagoe Gold Project.
    Thirteen (13) holes were drilled within the Empire mining lease (ML20380), ten (10) at the Empire Prospect and
    three (3) at the Pinnacles Prospect.
    Two (2) holes were completed at the Bayley’s Prospect within the Mt Wandoo mining lease (ML5130).
    All results are expected during the September 2012 quarter.

    Empire Mining Lease ML20380 ‐ 100%
    Ten (10) RC holes were drilled around the margins of the Empire Breccia System, seven (7) following up the
    previous gold drillhole intercepts, and three (3) following up significant surface quartz veining on the margins of
    an outcropping intrusion.
    Three (3) RC holes for 456m were drilled at Pinnacles, testing a strong soil gold anomaly coincident with the
    margins of an outcropping intrusion.
    All samples have been submitted to the laboratory and results are expected during the September 2012 quarter.

    Wandoo Mining Leases ML5130, ML20381 and ML20234
    Drilling at Wandoo continued into the September quarter.
    Two (2) RC were drilled at Wandoo during the quarter following up previous explorers gold‐silver intersections at
    All samples have been submitted to the laboratory and results are expected in the September 2012
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    Default Re: CRX - Crestal Petroleum

    On February 19th, 2015, Tellus Resources Limited (TLU) changed its name and ASX code to Crestal Petroleum Limited (CRX).

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    Default Re: FCT - Firstwave Cloud Technology

    On May 10th, 2016, Crestal Petroleum Limited (CRX) changed its name and ASX code to Firstwave Cloud Technology (FCT).

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