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    Default Is this the beginning of the end?

    Whilst I am in way advocating either support or opposition for euthanasia, is the governments ban on free speech a portend for the future?

    ABC News...

    Euthanasia info ban could force Nitschke offshore

    Philip Nitschke says his voluntary euthanasia organisation may have to operate offshore, or be forced underground, when federal legislation is introduced next year.

    From January 7 next year, it will be illegal to discuss end-of-life choices, directly or indirectly, via electronic communication.

    Dr Nitschke says it has been 10 years since the Territory introduced the world's first euthanasia laws but now no state nor territory wants to argue with Federal Government legislation.

    He says the pro-voluntary euthanasia group Exit Australia may have to move operations to New Zealand.

    "These pieces of legislation always have the effect of driving people underground," he said.

    "People want to know what their choices are; they go to great lengths to find out.

    "And trying to impose these sorts or restrictions really does nothing more than force things underground."
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    Default Re: Is this the beginning of the end?

    The pace of change with all these restrictions on free speech, jail without trial or charge, gagging parliamentary debates, bans of media reporting etc. is really starting to scare me to be honest.

    How long before films and music with an anti-government theme or lyrics are banned due to falling foul of the sedition laws? Even big selling mainstream acts such as Green Day could foreseeably be in trouble.

    Then what? Electronic voting? (no paper trail).

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    The fact that the terrorist laws are about sedition rather than terrorism in particular, which in it's vague definition could be robust criticism of the government. If you are locked up (on the Attourney General's say so with no judicial oversight) and somebody tries to complain about it you can get five years. Howard's answer to all of these laws is "trust me". Personally no matter what you feel about JH I would rather have my rights both legal and industrial defined in legislation rather than rely on a benevolent government/employer.


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    Default Re: Is this the beginning of the end?

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