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    hello, i write this post from spain and my english is not good.
    i have a song recorded from a tape since 1993 but i donīt know who the hell are them! can you help me?
    i think they are australian...


    and these are the lyrics....

    you left on a later train
    i saw you
    i called your name
    there's a lot of the time ahead
    and a whole new life
    we had such good times together
    we fought forever
    they all thought we were brothers
    we didn't care

    and we live in different ways
    just too many loose absent friends

    how i want you home again
    won't you ride back home
    how i want you home again

    it's funny how when you look back
    it's always the road so sad
    it's funny how we can't see that
    it's human right
    maybe we're scared to turn back
    to live on, and move on
    maybe we even have some right
    to cover up tracks

    and we live in different ways
    just too many loose absent friends

    how i want you home again
    won't you ride back home
    how i want you home again

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    Try google to sort you out my little Spanish Tonto del culo.

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    hum a few bars bro as im buggared if im clicking that dodgy looking link

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    Default Re: Aussie Band??

    Agree with above, I'm not clicking any link that says 'megaupload'.

    Joe, where are you.

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    You have to wait 40 seconds and click on "Descarga normal"

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    I have recorded it with a better sound



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    I listened to the song and I have no idea who the band or singer are. Neither sound familiar to me.

    The lyrics you posted here are not quite right and googling anything about this song only brings up forum threads similar to this one. I noticed in one of the other websites that someone had done a pretty good (thought still not totally accurate) translation of the lyrics.

    You say you have this song on tape. What is this tape? Is it a compilation made by you recording songs from the radio? Did someone else do it and you got their tape? Is it a branded tape of a collection of songs, like 80's Hits Vol 2 or something?
    A clue to this song could be what other songs are also on the tape.

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    points for persistence man, you've been all over the web for months asking for this. some forum reckons you might be a shill, but if that's the case no one can find the song you are supposedly promoting so you're doing a lousy job of it.

    try Shazam

    or ask at the Triple J forum which is the densest concentration of aussie music nerds you'll find. they found the song below based on 1 line of lyrics for me (which is awesome so i'm posting it)

    good luck

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    Default Re: Aussie Band??

    That song is not even remotely close to the lyrics posted ????

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    it seems the whole "reading & comprehension" thing escapes you

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    Quote Originally Posted by disarray View Post
    it seems the whole "reading & comprehension" thing escapes you
    Yeppers ...... you are right disarray. Read the lyrics and listen to the music. Doesn't add up. But then HEY ....... that's why we have James Reyne.

    You been hanging with the pound hanging mark my head,
    Sounds like my silk purse hound my head,
    Some soup gets lifted by the (indecipherable) hammock head,
    You been slamming in the round my bed.

    YEAH BABY !!!!!!!!! HE ROCKS !!!!!!!!!!

    Same as the song lyrics that were posted ARE NOTHING LIKE THE SONG YOU POSTED !

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    Hi quinny!
    I recorded the song in 1993 from a radio program in a local radio from Madrid.
    Then I made a compilation with several recordings from the same program (the Jam, Hoodoogurus, The Only Ones, Sugar or Superchunk..)
    As you see different music from different years. Many of them are new wave, groups such as The Romantics, The Records, The Buzzcocks...
    I think this group is not australian. Maybe british?
    What I need is a GOOD TRANSLATION to find them.
    Thanks a lot!!

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