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    Default European government bonds

    Does anyone know if its possible to trade European govt bonds?

    Would love to be able to trade CFDs of Euro bonds..

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    Default Re: European govt bonds

    ie, who can i do it through?

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    Default Re: European govt bonds

    Probably most CFD providers.
    Have a look at CMC markets CFD schedule: http://www.cmcmarkets.com.au/content...t_schedule.pdf

    Go to page 31.

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    Default Re: European govt bonds

    Trouble is i am looking for italian and spanish bonds.. :P

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    Default Re: European government bonds

    ive been looking on the treasury and central bank websites, for info re govt bond auctions, but as yet havent found out precisely how an individual can "bid" to purchase bonds in this manner, or indeed if thats how its done, id be interested to know

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