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    Well I must confess that I didnt really notice much of Lindsay Tanners self imposed exit since leaving his ministers role (one of the four). He certainly saying a bit now... ahh yes there is a book involved, but I dont think Julia will be rushing buy a copy on her way to pick up a coupla packs of hair dye...


    On the 2010 campaign:
    "The worst in living memory. Banal slogans, robotic delivery, and trivial policy announcement deployed by both the major parties."

    On federal politics:
    "Modern politics now resembles a Hollywood blockbuster: all special effects and no plot."

    On the press gallery:
    "Journalists like to pick up on Gillard's earlobes, Rudd's earwax, Anna Bligh's botox, Mark Latham's man-boobs."

    On Julia Gillard:
    "Some might think it's strange that Gillard dyed her hair red. In fact, it's perfectly sensible: it makes her more noticeable."

    Read more: http://www.news.com.au/national/insi...#ixzz1KNsn9tad
    cheers JB
    A lacky-band gun removed from an algebra class because it was a weapon of math disruption.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jbocker View Post
    Hi jbocker,

    Deserves a reply!

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    Apparently Lindsay Tanner is to be interviewed on "7.30" this week. Don't know which night.
    Should be worth watching.
    I'm a little surprised he seems to be so out for revenge.

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