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    Default Cuts to medical research funding - effect on biotech shares?

    I'm wondering whether the proposed cuts to medical research in the upcoming budget will have an effect on Aussie biotech shares?

    I checked PRR annual report and couldn't find evidence it received funding from grants but I'm not an expert and probably overlooked something.

    I own PRR, SPL and QRX - I was hoping this would be the year for biotech but not sure how this proposal changes things, if at all.

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    Default Biotech stocks and medical research funding cuts

    How will the rumoured cuts to NHMRC funding in the federal budget affect the value of biotech stocks e.g. CSL, BTA, AVX ?

    CSL says
    "We draw on strategic partnerships with academic and other organisations globally to complement our in-house expertise. These collaborative partnerships support a range of programs including early-stage research and later stage development in plasma therapies, vaccines, and recombinant products."



    I don't hold any biotech stocks currently, but I do work for an organization which would be disadvantaged by the funding cuts, should they go ahead.

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