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    Navaho Gold Limited (NVG) is an Australian-based exploration company focused on the discovery of world-class gold deposits in Nevada, USA and Queensland, Australia.

    Navaho Gold is clearly focused on 'Carlin style' gold mineralisation, and has identified three (3) main project areas in Queensland and has assembled seven (7) projects in Nevada within the areas associated with the Carlin and Battle Mountain - Eureka Trends.


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    Is anyone holding NVG? Their shale gas interests next to LNC in South Australia is getting alot of attention with a move from 0.013 to 0.035 cents at the end of last week.

    LNC is claiming to have between 3 billion and 200+ Billion barrels of oil in place.

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    NVG saw a big spike yesterday and now a fall... This is straight after releasing news that they had found about 10 billion worth of GAS in South Australia.

    Why is it do low now? Is it just falling with the rest of the mining sector?

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    On December 17th, 2015, Navaho Gold Limited (NVG) changed its name and ASX code to Dark Horse Resources Limited (DHR).

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