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    Post RBY - Rockeby Biomed

    With all the bird flu mania around RBY apparently have a test that only takes 10 minutes to identify the deadly virus. With countries rushing to buy antivirals and bird flu preparedness becoming a major political issue... you would think that there would be some demand...

    Fitted my HA (hype analysis) criteria today and got in at open... sold and re-entered near close.

    Obviously hoping it goes up further tomorrow. The 2 year chart made me hold overnight...

    Lets see what tommorow brings.
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    Default Re: RBY oh my

    I had a great run with this one today - in and out 3 times making a profit on each. I didn't have the guts to hold it overnight but I will watch it tommorrow!


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    Default Re: RBY oh my

    Quote Originally Posted by malachii
    I had a great run with this one today - in and out 3 times making a profit on each. I didn't have the guts to hold it overnight but I will watch it tommorrow!

    how much about did u make each time?

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    Default Re: RBY oh my

    Quote Originally Posted by malachii
    I had a great run with this one today - in and out 3 times making a profit on each. I didn't have the guts to hold it overnight but I will watch it tommorrow!

    Definately a trader's gamble with these stocks. Well done today!
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    Default Re: RBY oh my

    i'm out on close today made about 5k out of it all up.. might be more left in it but don't want to get greedy and lose it all...

    gl if your still in...

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    Default Re: RBY oh my

    You did better than me. I didn't trade it today (had to work!) but yesterdays 3 trades scored me about 500 per trade. I was only taking small (about .2 cents per trade) bites. I was too chicken to hold for anymore than about 30 mins at a time - I've been burnt before with these flash in the pan stocks!


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    Default Re: RBY oh my

    yeah my trades were pretty similar, was pretty nervy about it also.. got in on open ,
    034 out at .049
    048 049
    046 049
    was a lot of fun.. only take these oportunities when they come up, and not try to look for it all the time...

    Announcement on Friday didnt really focus on their bird flu test... not sure if anyone is still interested in this one i'm definitely not game for the moment...
    seems like the WHO isn't too interested....
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    Default Re: RBY oh my

    -- Rockeby, a Singaporean company, has launched 10-minute bird-flu testing kits, it was announced Friday.

    Although the World Health Organization does not currently endorse any tests for avian influenza, it plans to standardize international testing for the disease.

    An American test mentioned in Wednesday`s Fluwrap will be released through the WHO in January. When asked about the Rockeby test, WHO officials declined to comment.
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    Default Re: RBY oh my

    also i don't think people realise that it also requires lab testing..

    Developed by Rockeby biomed's Thai partner Pacific Biomed, the kits do not specifically target the deadly H5N1 strain of bird flu.
    What it does is test for all type A flu. All bird flu is type A.
    If a subject tests positive for type A flu, he can be quarantined immediately and his samples taken to the laboratory to test for the H5N1 strain.
    Evaluated at Chulalongkorn University's veterinary science faculty, the test used in the kit was found to be highly sensitive for detecting the avian flu virus obtained from infected chickens and ducks during the avian flu epidemic in Thailand last year.
    The diagnostic test kit for the birds rely on faeces, blood, or serum samples. The human test kit relies on swabs from the nose or throat. The samples taken are mixed with a solution and then dripped into a test cassette, where a window will show only one band if the result is negative and two bands if the result is positive.
    The expected selling price to authorities and doctors is US$6 ($10) for a box of 20 tests for birds, and US$10 to US$12 for a box of 10 tests for humans.
    The company is targeting the kits for sale in Europe.
    Since collaborating with Pacific Biomed, Rockeby biomed says it has been "inundated" with queries and is sending the bird kits to authorities in the United Kingdom and Canada for validation. It is also sending samples to the Singapore Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority and the Ministry of Health.

    not dissing the stock still has a small market cap, future news etc

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    Default Re: RBY oh my

    Quote Originally Posted by tarnor
    i'm out on close today made about 5k out of it all up.. might be more left in it but don't want to get greedy and lose it all...

    gl if your still in...
    wow nice, have u ever made losses with these kind of trades?

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    Default Re: RBY oh my

    of course!! the thing is to have tight exits so these losses are mitigated by your wins..

    you will see two of those trades were very small... a quick buy and sell on little runs.. when its got a lot of churn you can slip in and out,, making little profits on the fluctation but if it crashes and you dont leave you could be in trouble..

    When i first started dabbling in the market i got burned heaps.. would ride it up.. be in nice profit and let it all slip away when the traders bailed... Or worse buy in on news when thier had been rumour or expectancy with a big pre run up in sp and get massacred in the sell on fact... instead of taking the loss the money would sit thier, as the stock entered a down trend dreaming of a day when it would spike again.. At this point people talk themselves up instead of accepting thier mistake and call it a 'bottom draw stock' eventually you give up and move on.. or it does spike and you bail happy to finally get your money back 6 months later.... then it will likely just keep going and you wont be able to look anymore

    today rby's price fell below its open after thier announcement last week.. This means that all the millions of dollars that have traded through it in the last week is now sitting at a loss... What to do? hold in hope, call it a bottom draw stock?.. or join the slow and long downtrend of unhappy punters leaving with thier tales between thier legs... (it could also spike again but whats the safer risk, most of these type of stocks dont get back to where they were until thier 'concept' is backed by solid evidence of economic viability - proof of concept - profit..)

    thats just how i see it anyway..

    I only jump in now straight after an announcement if im sure it will run hard.. im trying to improve trading little movements in churn but i still need to work on this.. i misjudged this today with bta and dropped some profit that should have been locked in., but ive made so many wins on it its not really a concern

    It can be pretty profitable but it is gambling a lot of the time, and a lot of luck... I had to lend all of my investment money to my mum who was in a really tight jam between houses. working casual at the moment i had a small parcel of about 2k.. which ive been experimenting with and didn't really care if i lost it all.. so just throwing it around everywhere.. on whatever is the next thing.. I thougth i would try this now that ive had a few years experience and migth make better day trades then when i was originally overconfident a few years back

    a few months ago with that little parcel i qualified for the spp in bta at .76c with a quick little trade I then bought the full 5k alottment after turning the original 2k into 5k.. then the spp i sold trading in and out of a few shares and back into bta getting little movements. Just throwing the parcel round i got into rby then back into bta straight after and got another run on that.. :/ its defiantely gambling and lucky but the 2k's now 21k and was money i was ready to lose..

    so it can work! particaully with little amounts, and way to much time on ones hands! would be much harder with bigger amounts (particually noticing it now since the parcel has grown so much)

    No expert.. just experimenting with some agressive trading.. probably got lucky with rby glad to be out... cheers

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    Default Re: RBY oh my

    I completely agree with Tarnor!!!

    I dont go looking for these stocks but when they present themselves I jump in but nowdays with extremely tight stop losses. You only need to take little bites and with huge turnover (i think this one was in the hundred million plus share turnover on the first day) it's not that hard. But when it falls - LOOKOUT - 'cos they go quick and you'll get squashed in the stampede! I dont hold them overnight and will try and get out before 3pm when all the daytraders start to dump their stocks. I'll look at them the next day but it is even rarer that I'll enter the next day. It's like trying to hold a tiger by the tail!

    Great when it goes your way - but can be expensive if it goes bad and you dont cut losses immediately!


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    Default Re: RBY oh my

    Hong Kong, Singapore stocking up for H5N1 testing
    Mon Nov 28, 2005 11:04 AM GMT

    By Tan Ee Lyn

    HONG KONG (Reuters) - Health authorities in wealthier parts of Asia are stocking up on diagnostic kits and chemicals to detect the deadly H5N1 bird flu virus, which experts fear could mutate and trigger a pandemic that could kill millions.

    In Hong Kong, government laboratories have bought more reagents, or chemicals used in testing for the virus, while private doctors in Singapore will soon be urged to stockpile rapid-test diagnostic kits, industry sources said.

    Governments everywhere are scrambling to stock up on anti-viral drugs Tamiflu and Relenza. These are believed to reduce the symptoms and complications caused by the H5N1 virus, which is part of the influenza A type of viruses.

    But both drugs are expensive and supplies are tight.

    To prevent wastage and severe strain on healthcare systems, medical experts say it is crucial to quickly eliminate other forms of influenza, such as B and C, and narrow diagnoses down as far as possible to H5N1.

    Tests on samples are now conducted mostly in laboratories and can take up to a week for World Health Organisation-affiliated laboratories to confirm if they are positive for H5N1.

    In Hong Kong, a health department spokesman told Reuters in an email that the government has "stocked up reagents for influenza A H5 testing to cater for the pandemic setting, in line with the anticipated upsurge in workload".

    In Singapore, steps are being taken to encourage private doctors to stock up on diagnostic kits.

    "The Ministry of Health and Singapore Medical Association ... are putting up steps to advise our GPs and doctors to stockpile these rapid tests as well," said Tan Sze Wee, a council member of the association, by telephone.


    Tan is also managing director of Singapore-based biotechnology firm Rockeby, which sells test kits that it says can detect the H5N1 virus in birds and humans in 10 minutes.

    "When you look at one million people getting hit (in Hong Kong), or Singapore's half a million, the public sector cannot cope with the numbers, you need the GPs to cooperate in this."

    Hong Kong and Singapore are working on the basis of dispensing anti-viral drugs to people during a pandemic once they show severe symptoms or are diagnosed with influenza A, and if they have suspicious case histories, such as having had contact with poultry in countries with outbreaks of the disease.

    There are three families of influenza viruses: A, B and C. Influenza A viruses infect mammals and birds, while B and C infect only humans.

    Type A viruses are responsible for seasonal flu infections across the globe in humans. They can cause epidemics and pandemics because they are genetically unstable and can undergo major reassortments of genetic material called antigenic shifts. These can lead to new variants for which humans have no immunity.

    Populations tend to have more resistance to types B and C because they only undergo antigenic drifts, or smaller genetic changes, and have more similarity with previous strains.

    However, some experts doubt widespread testing could be carried out even by the most sophisticated medical systems in the event of a crisis.

    "In a catastrophic situation, I don't think a diagnosis will be made for each and every case. In the initial stages, it may be crucial, but in the event of hundreds of thousands of people getting infected, it will not be possible for every one to get tested," said infectious disease expert Lo Wing-lok, who advises the government in Hong Kong on emerging diseases.

    "Tamiflu will be dispensed to those with severe symptoms and who are suspected to have contracted the virus. But those with mild symptoms will not be given because of limited supply."

    Source: Reuters

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    Default Re: RBY oh my

    Lots of activity going on

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    Wink Re: RBY oh my

    Moving nicely, should see this continue its run for Thursday.

    An annoucement is due regarding orders.

    Keep a close eye on this stock (place it on your watch list)

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    Default Re: RBY oh my

    lol hi krisberry..

    its looking pretty bullish a bit more volume would be better though. Its usually only been at these levels after an announcement.. if it starts chomping into the 5's it could trigger a frenzy... tommorow will be the test i think..

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    Default Re: RBY oh my

    Sydney - Thursday - December 1: (RWE Aust Business News) -

    Rockeby biomed (ASX:RBY) has reached an agreement with OraSure
    Technologies to serve as the exclusive distributor in Singapore of the
    OraQuick Rapid HIV 1/2 Antibody Test.

    The announcement was made in conjunction with World AIDS Day, a
    global effort that is commemorated annually on December 1.

    Rockeby will immediately launch a pilot program and, pursuant to
    the agreement, intends to distribute and market OraQuick to governmental
    agencies, hospitals, licensed physicians, clinics, and outreach and
    rehabilitation centres throughout Singapore.

    The OraQuick test can detect the presence of antibodies to both
    HIV-1 and HIV-2 and is suitable for use with oral fluid, venipuncture and
    fingerstick whole blood samples.

    The results of the test are available within 20 minutes.

    A similar rapid HIV test sold by OraSure in the United
    States has received approval by the US Food and Drug Administration.

    Rockeby shares last traded at 5c.

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    Default Re: RBY oh my

    Does anyone want to speculate on the drop today?

    From what I know it can take up to a week for an HIV test.

    I would have thought a 20 minute turnaround would be benificial for the patient???



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    Default Re: RBY oh my

    i'll have a shot for what its worth

    I think what we saw was just a failed break on that rock solid resitance just above 5c..

    when the first announcement sent this skyward from 1c most of the shares turnover happened in the high 4's 5 mark.. many traders could have got caught out here..

    The follow up bird test announcement saw an open on 5c if i recall but couldn't break the resistance.. In that announcement first delivery was expected by the first of dec.. a lot of the build up in the sp could have been anticipating more positive news today or tommorow..

    The bullish close yesterday sparked lots of interest early today as it tryed to push thru the low 5's but the HIV ann just didnt provide another of a boost to kick it thru the sellers, when it was obvious the sellers were to strong everyone bailed.. plus by that time the whole asx was copping a bit of a beating also...

    I still think your going to need some fairly significant announcements with decent dollars attached to get it up and away, likely to just to drift aroun din the 4's untill then..

    good effort though..

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    Default Re: RBY oh my

    As far as the HIV test goes it migth help then shake some of the concerns that they were just trying to jump on the bird flu pumpathon

    New test kit can detect HIV in 20 minutes
    By Hasnita A. Majid, Channel NewsAsia

    SINGAPORE : From next month, getting tested for the HIV virus will become easier.

    All clinics and polyclinics will carry a test kit that can provide results in 20 minutes.

    This is expected to pave the way for changes to legislation on HIV testing in clinics.

    The kit will make testing for the HIV virus almost as easy as a pregnancy test kit.

    A quick swab from a person's gums is all it takes and results are out in less than half an hour.

    One line means a person is HIV-negative. Two means he is infected.

    At S$38, the test kit is more expensive than the current blood test for HIV. But for now, it is not available over the counter.

    This is because doctors need to be present to make sure patients understand the consequences of such a test.

    They will also provide pre- and post-test counselling.

    The test is more than 99 percent accurate but there is still a slim chance of a false-negative or a false-positive.

    As the tests will only be allowed in a clinical setting such as hospitals, polyclinics and GP clinics, changes to legislation is expected to be announced soon.

    Dr Tan Sze-Wee, MD and CEO of Rockeby Biomed, said: "In many parts of the world, HIV testing is regulated by laws and HIV testing is controlled to be performed by authorised labs, because they need to be given the assurance that they would be able to perform the test accurately and there is quality control."

    An announcement on changes to Singapore's legislation to allow testing in all clinics is expected soon.

    The Action for Aids hopes the test kits will encourage more people to go for HIV testing.

    It said currently some people shun going to the designated Kelantan Lane clinic for anonymous HIV-testing for fear of being recognised.

    Paul Toh, Executive Director of Action for Aids, said: "Some people still feel that it is uneasy to walk in and see my friends into that clinic, and whereas if you walk into a normal neighbourhood clinic you could be going for flu test or something else. That is why I think having it sold at the heartlands might be a good idea."

    The Action for Aids also hopes that this will stop people from going overseas for testing.

    Singapore is the first country outside the United States to carry the test kit.

    The test kit is developed by American company OraSure Technologies, but Rockeby Biomed has reached an agreement with Orasure to serve as the sole distributor of the test kit.

    It has plans to expand its distribution to countries in the region. - CNA/de

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