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    I have been learning about breakouts and volume recently. One of the most difficult things for me to determine is:

    1. Do I enter on the breakout day?
    2. Do I wait for confirmation?

    I am not sure if others think that this topic warrents its own thread and I apologise if this is the case.

    It would be interesting for people to post charts and give examples that would help us new traders starting out.


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    Plenty here Matt


    here is an order I have set for tomorrow.
    If it doesn't take out the high then I'm not filled.
    This is my second or pyramid trade in this stock you can clearly see the breakout I bought on 25/03

    Buy stop.gif

    I personally make each buy prove itself.
    If it doesn't or is too far away from a sensible stop IE >10% I put it on watch list and see if something like this happens!!

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