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    Just thought I'd post the second annual company report from Slipperz Inc self managed super funds.

    After an initial result of just over a bag in the first year of operations year two has seen an acceleration of profit growth to a further 6.2 bags.

    In a statement to the internets company chairman, secretary and CEO Slipperz stated

    "We've had our balls to the wall all year backing speccies but we did our own research and it's paid off in spades. Currently we are still up to our eyeballs in speccies with our highly risky yet massively profitable portfolio split between SSN who we believe are sitting on the motherlode of oil in Wyoming and PRR who are working towards bringing a cancer immunotherapy drug to market.. Given the compounding nature of our profits even more bags are expected in the coming years activities"

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    Sweeeeeet Congrats slipperz - nice returns!

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