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    I am new to AFL but am currently looking for 2 AFL queries.

    1- showing the high volumes for the day and making sure that they are "Extremes for that symbol"... also colour differentiating the symbols that closed higher form lower...

    2- relative strength comparison... havent used this before but have read about it being useful to test if a symbol is outperforming the XAO and its sector... i found something that reads like this on the AFL library but at this point the code is a bit beyond me to tell if this is so...

    my other question was - are there any risks with using these AFL codes downloaded from the AFL library or wherever? can it cause any crashes or will it simply work or not work?

    are there any resources to learn how to setup your own scripts for the AFL?

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    This Introduction to AmiBroker by Howard Bandy is a very handy book for learning to write AFL code and I would suggest investing in it, Howard also posts on this forum at times as well.

    If code from the AFL library is no good it simply won't work, I've never had problems with downloaded code from anywhere but most of them are rubbish to be totally honest. I mainly used them to get an understanding of how to write code.

    Re question 1, the best way would to to write a scan looking for stocks with X amount above a moving average of volume, I'm actually pretty sure I have a scan that does this at home, I will have a look and post it if I do.

    Re question 2, Relative strength is a common thing and you should be able to find a code to do it fairly easily.
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