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    G'day all.

    I'm sure this is most likely a silly question to ask but I'm wondering if anyone is willing to offer their suggestions or help or even share a good Stockscan set up.

    I'd say I'm still new to trading so I'm still playing around with the settings and trying to make something of the terminology.

    Thanks for any info.

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    Default Re: Stockscan setup tip

    Youíre going to need to develop a plan/strategy before you decide how to scan for stocks.

    What is your strategy?
    Are you an investor or trader?
    Is your time frame days, months or years?
    Are you scanning for fundamentals or technicals or both?
    Are you using software to scan?
    I could go on and onÖ

    Iíll assume you are trading with Metastock as your software . You havenít mentioned your strategy which is going to make it difficult for people to respond to this thread in any meaningful way.

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