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    Default Where should I keep my "emergency fund"?

    I have an online savings account with about $4000 in it.

    This is my rainy day slash emergency money. It is put aside basically incase my car craps itself and I need a replacement, in case I need to pay for damages that may occur to other peoples car, property or if I need some costly medical bills or what ever.

    I've got it in an online savings account at Rabodirect in New Zealand (I live in NZ)

    It's earning 4% interest and is on call.

    Should I keep it in an on call account, in laddered term deposits of $1000 maturing every month or so or put the whole lot in term deposits and break it if need be?

    Just feels like wasted money losing to inflation.

    Oh and I have 3rd party car insurance, basic flatting insurance and basic medical cover (specialist and operations)

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    Default Re: Where should I keep my "emergency fund"

    ENP please note that ASF members are not allowed by law (ASIC Regulations) to give financial advice.

    Thread closed sorry

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