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    Default Buffett on the Japanese crisis

    US billionaire investor Warren Buffett says that a massive natural disaster would not hamper the future of the Japanese economy and could prompt a new bout of stock buying.
    "I'm not looking at Japan's economic future differently from 10 days ago... extraordinary events offer (a) buying opportunity," he told reporters.
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    Default Re: Buffett on the Japanese crisis

    This would be nice to post in the recent "great day to deploy capital" thread. A lot of people scrutinised the the poster saying that he was buying far too early and that buying into falling markets is a horrible strategy.

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    Default Re: Buffett on the Japanese crisis

    Buffett - "Be greedy when others are fearful" comes to mind.

    I bought a fair bit of blue chips at the end of last week that had fallen 10% or more on sentiment rather than fundamentals.

    And to top it all off I'm a T/A at heart.

    Go figure

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    I'd love to buy Japanese stocks. I've been wanting to for some time.

    However, unlike Buffett, who has every means available to him under the sun, small investors like I cannot access the Japanese market without great difficulty. XJP is a useless, completely illiquid ETF which is very loose against the value of its assets (book value per share is about 1.5), and commsec charges ~$75 per international trade. The other option is IB, but then you just have a position in the stock, rather than bona-fide ownership. Just not the same.

    Otherwise I would have more money in jap stocks than aussie stocks.

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