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    Hi all

    I often read comments posted by traders that say "I don't use indicators, but only price; or, price is the best indicator". What does this mean?

    prices move frequently so how does one apply this?


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    Have a read - it should give you the basics of what it is.

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    What mean your nick, sir?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lucek View Post
    What mean your nick, sir?
    Ill have a guess.


    On topic.
    Those who practice trading on Price action or in conjunction with price action believe that all about the supply or demand of a company is seen in the movement in its price.

    We believe that crowd mentality can be read from price action (and for me other indicators like volume).

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    Ive never heard that song before but the lyrics are spot on.

    My nick means "son of a b*" in Polish. After trying about 20 different ASF nicknames that i wanted an having all already taken i got frustrated and swore aloud (Kurwa Jego Mac) and then typed it in and it was accepted.

    While vulgar and crude, it actually serves me as a very good reminder about the potential long term effects of getting angry at a situation and causing an outburst instead of taking a deep breath, clearing the mind and getting back to working out the problem.

    On topic:

    Tech/a gives a good summary. Also you'll find most indicators are a derivative of the price action so one could argue price action is the 'purest' form of TA

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    Hi all

    Thanks for your replies. Also thanks for the link.


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    You can also find very usefull links on SANUK group on google.
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