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    Default Stock picking software?

    Hi all

    Is there any stock picking software out there apart from thing called a brain?

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    Any light please ?

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    I'm sure some people are selling something to pick stocks, but really I'd be very wary. I've heard of things that will give you buy and sell signals.. I don't know.

    A more useful approach would be to use filtering software to identify the kind of stocks you'd be interested in, then doing your own numbercunching on those and reading up on fundamentals.

    I'd like to learn and manually know how to do things rather than look for a magic approach. At this stage, i don't know a lot

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    Default Re: Stick picking?

    The newsagencies are usualy able to supply plent of soft material. Usualy comes in plastic sleeves and is commonly refered to as "one handed books" and is stored under the matress because of its' highly sensitive material.
    Alternatively, with the parity of the Australian dollar, stick picking material can be purchased online from U.S. distributors. Material by experienced stick pickers such as Ronald J Hyatt who produces under the name "Ron Jeremy", might be helpful in your quest.
    It shouldn't be too hard to seperate the better material from the fluff...ers.
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    I haven't found any that I'd follow blindly but I do buy information and then use technical analysis to decide when / if to buy and sell. For the ASX I mainly use Martin Roth's Top Stocks as my list to choose from. For the US I use the screens and data from Zacks Premium to make lists to suit me.

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