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    What Is A Supermoon?
    End-Time Scenarios & Forecasts of Danger

    Will a Supermoon on March 19, 2011 be the cause of natural disasters and flooding? Considering that an earthquake on March 11, 2011 has unleashed damage and devastating tsunamis, an astrologer's idea of a supermoon, which indicates the moon's closest proximity in 18 years, may not be that far fetched. The moon, normally about 251,000
    miles away, will be 221,567 miles from earth, which means that there will be more lunar gravity. The moon will also be full, which means it may look bigger as well. Astrologer Richard Noelle predicts huge storms, earthquakes, volcanoes and other natural disasters. If the closer moon's gravity affects tectonic plates, it could increase the chances for earthquakes by increasing or reducing pressure

    I thought this was really interesting, anybody seen anymore information on this?
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    This is stupid.... Doesn't it happen every 25 years or something? The japan earthquake it the result of being on a massive fault/plate line. You know ring of fire... This activity happens every year.
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