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    Default Good news week... Is Joule Unlimited for real?

    Came across this company in America that appears to have a viable proposition for directly turning sunlight and waste CO2 into quality diesel fuel (and other hydrocarbons) at, allegedly, around $30 a barrel.

    Doesn't require biomass feedstock. Doesn't require useful arable land. Doesn't require large volumes of fresh water. The process seems capable of producing 15,000 gals of diesel per acre per year.

    Joule on Pace to Produce Solar Fuels at Productivities Far Exceeding Those of all Known Biofuel Processes

    Peer-reviewed article addresses the advances made by Joule to achieve direct, continuous conversion of solar energy to renewable diesel at 15,000 gallons/acre/year

    Cambridge, Mass. – February 17, 2011 – Joule Unlimited, Inc., pioneer of Liquid Fuel from the Sun™, today supported the high-productivity potential of its production process with the publication of a detailed analysis and model of its breakthrough solar-to-fuels platform.

    Published by Photosynthesis Research, the peer-reviewed article examines Joule's critical advances in solar capture and conversion, direct product synthesis and continuous product secretion, which collectively form a platform for renewable fuel and chemical production with yields up to 50X greater than the maximum potential of any process requiring biomass. In addition, the analysis counters prior assumptions about the viability of industrial photosynthesis, addressing the barriers overcome by Joule to achieve unprecedented photosynthetic efficiency.


    Highlights include:

    • Based on empirical measurements, Joule can directly produce 15,000 gallons of diesel per acre annually, as compared to 3,000 gallons of biodiesel produced indirectly from algae.
    • The solar-to-product conversion efficiency of Joule's direct, continuous process for producing diesel, ethanol and chemicals is between 5 and 50X greater than any biomass-dependent process, and gains additional efficiencies by avoiding downstream refining.
    • Joule's combined advances in genome engineering, solar capture and bioprocessing result in photosynthetic conversion efficiency of more than 7% relative to available yearly solar energy striking the ground, many times greater than prior industry assumptions.

    "In contrast to research of the past, we have shown that photosynthesis is the superior platform technology for direct, renewable fuel production at the volumes and costs required to supplant fossil fuels," said Dan Robertson, PhD, co-author of the article and Senior Vice President of Biological Sciences at Joule. "The engineering of a photosynthetic microorganism to directly synthesize an infrastructure-compatible product, and continuously secrete that product, represents a landmark in industrial bioprocessing. The process technology is equally unique in that a highly-efficient, low-cost SolarConverter® system enables unprecedented productivities, as fully explained in our analysis and now being demonstrated at pilot scale."

    "Joule has already delivered on its vision as the first commercial effort to combine the required biological advances with radical improvement in cost and robustness of a system for industrial production," said George Church, PhD, renowned geneticist and Chairman of Joule's technical advisory board, who also contributed to the article. "This is the holistic systems approach that will finally capitalize on solar energy for liquid fuel production at meaningful, economical scale."

    "A New Dawn for Industrial Photosynthesis" is now accessible online at http://www.springerlink.com/content/.../fulltext.html
    Perhaps a bright light at the end of the tunnel of Peak Oil ?

    What are your thoughts on the validity of the idea ? (I realise the writers of the paper are employees/ managers of the company.)


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    Default Re: Good news week.. Is Joule Unlimited for real ?

    I love Good News Week!

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