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    Default AXA/AMP outcomes?

    Hi there
    Just a question on people's views on what might happen to the share prices if/when the AXA/AMP acquisition goes ahead. I'm only a very small investor (and a very new one too!) but I was thinking of cashing-in the old AXA shares and using the funds to start playing with the market in an effort to make a profit by share trading in other areas.
    Any gut-feelings or researched wisdon on which way things will move would be welcome.

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    Default what does the AXA/AMP merger mean for AXA shareholders?

    My parents have a few AXA shares they were given (they dont follow the share market)... i have read through some of the announcements/documents about this AXA AMP merger but am still a little unsure of what it means for AXA shareholders...? would it be best to sell them or take the shares in AMP? it said in the doc that AXA shareholders would get a combination of cash and AMP shares...?

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