Hi Guys

There was nearly a disaster at the Duckman nest on Friday night when the speakers I was using for our "outdoor movie theatre" died. There were about 16 kids looking anxious as I had to pull apart the indoor sound system and try and put it back together on the front lawn.

As a result I am looking at buying a cheap "Home Movie System" but want to compare the sound levels with what I had been using.

Up until now I was just using a standard Panasonic Stereo (SA-AK22) and attached a cheap DVD player to it. On the back of the model it says 170w. The cheap new system I was looking at says "total watts of 300", but that contains 5 speakers.

I just don't know how to compare the loudness between system? Is it probably to say that the loudness could be lower with the 5 speakers because the 300 watts are spread out over 5 speakers - whereas the 170w on the stereo is 85 each for the 2 speakers? What should I look for in a surround sound system to compare sounds?

Many thanks for any assistance.