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    Default Resources for Global & Australian market sensitive news?

    I hope this wasn't a silly question and people are just going to say watch the news...

    To be honest in the past I havent paid especially close attention to Global and/or National events... but given that I am getting into the stock market I figure I had better start watching it more closely...

    Hence my thread... are there any specific resources people use for this type of information... other than just watching the news or reading the paper...???

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    Default Re: Fav resource for Global & Australian market sensitive news

    I personally use the following:


    I woudn't really use any for any investment advice as most media outlets have no idea unless they interview somebody who knows what they are talking about.

    You could also include youtube.com for interviews :-)
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    Default Re: Fav resource for Global & Australian market sensitive news


    I use this for the DOW and FTSE. 15mins behind....but can expect too much for free.

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    Default Re: Resources for Global & Australian market sensitive news?

    All online:

    For markets specifically-
    zerohedge for the underbelly
    mish for hard truths
    forexlive and MNI for chatter
    moneymcbags for laughs
    ASF for local perspective
    finviz futures or forex board if I'm not watching charts

    For news-
    google news customised for top stories, world news, US news, australian news, australian health and australian business
    abc news (just in, most popular, offbeat, environment, VIC, indigenous, drug-offences, politics, business) and abc iview
    bbc news

    Almost all of that has RSS feeds to make it easy to track.
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