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    Ventnor was formed in early 2010 to conduct exploration on a package of mining and exploration tenements in the Pilbara region of Western Australia and the Mount Isa region of Queensland. These tenements form four separate project areas: Thaduna/Green Dragon, Warrawanda, Nickel Hills and Georgina Basin. These are variously prospective for copper, nickel, base metal and gold deposits. Since incorporation, the Company has raised initial seed capital, acquired and entered into agreements to acquire interests in mining tenements located in Western Australia and Queensland.


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    Impressive gains. Had it in the watchlist but wish it was in the portfolio, 21cent to a high of 50cents in three days.

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    From the latest ASX announcement

    Thaduna Green Dragon Drilling Results Au

    "The success of the drilling program has revealed, in my opinion, the most significant copper
    results in the Doolgunna District, since Sandfire’s DeGrussa discovery, and justifies
    Ventnor’s aggressive exploration program,” Ventnor Resources Managing Director Mr Bruce
    Maluish said."

    Up to 60c today ,

    But the part I really like is

    "Only the copper results have been determined and tabulated. Gold and silver assays are
    pending with significant silver intersections (coincident with copper intersections) assayed in
    the first phase of drilling"

    Will be interesting when the gold and silver assays are released, hopefully soon

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    Significant high-grade discovery at Thaduna/Green Dragon Copper Project

     New high grade zone of strong bornite mineralisation discovered, central to the Thaduna prospect
     Diamond drilling is continuing, approximately 600 metres
     Completion of JORC compliant Resource by Q3 2012
     This new discovery reinforces the substantial exploration potential of the Thaduna/Green Dragon Copper Project

    Australian base metals company Ventnor Resources Limited announce a significant high-grade zone discovery of strong bornite copper mineralisation at its flagship Thaduna/Green Dragon Copper Project, located 170km north of Meekatharra, Western Australia, in the Doolgunna district, and 40km east of Sandfire’s DeGrussa project.

    High-grades intersected include;
     5 metres at 7.00% Cu
    o includes 2.7 metres at 11.72% Cu and 29.7 g/t silver at a 5% Cu cutoff;
     9.5 metres at 4.40% Cu;
     10 metres at 3.26% Cu;
     4.6 metres at 5.83% Cu;
     2.5 metres at 7.36% Cu;
     13 metres at 3.57% Cu;
     5 metres at 4.94% Cu;
     6 metres at 4.78% Cu;
     10 metres at 3.28% Cu;
     3 metres at 4.47% Cu.

    Managing Director Bruce Maluish said this new high-grade discovery of strong bornite mineralisation as the primary sulphide has resulted in higher copper grades.
    “The significance of the increasing presence of primary bornite, compared to primary chalcopyrite, lies in the increase in relative copper by weight %. Chalcopyrite, CuFe2+S2, is 34.6% Cu compared with Bornite, Cu5Fe2+S4, is 63.3% Cu, an increase of 183% in Cu for the same mass of sulphide,” Mr Maluish said.
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    and we didn't have to wait long for the reaction: Clean break out of the symmetrical triangle.
    Will it play out to 200%?

    VRX 06-08-12.gif

    I hold and wouldn't mind more upside
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    Quote Originally Posted by pixel View Post

    I hold and wouldn't mind more upside

    I hope you are still holding Pixel ...

    Announcement today ... Trading halt before announcing phase four drilling results. They have requested the trading halt so that the announcement doesn't create an UN-orderly market .....

    Don't hold this one, but the announcement should be wetting the appetite of those who do ....... Up the road from Sandfire Resources so who knows what they have found

    Could be a couple of nearology plays to get a lift from this as well ...

    SRI, which has been hammered after a few issues with drilling results, but still big potential

    LSR, Massive land holding in the same general area

    RIE, Not far away, and also holding some good looking prospects

    DAU, bit further NW, but in the general area as well, although more Gold orientated
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    Another stock that fell sharply today to close at 17c, down 50% (ouch) - could have been worse it did hit 10c at one stage which made someone(s) day....

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