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    Post PRR - Prima BioMed

    PRR is definitely worth looking into...check out their site...

    I believe that PRR will add value to shareholders over the next upcoming weeks...

    PRR is just another tip of mine, keeping in mind that HDR and most recently CPC had good returns to shareholders since I've mentioned...

    Good luck all...

    Looking at current competition, I think most of you need going north...


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    Default Re: PRR

    Hi All,

    Below latest on PRR...and still confident that this stock is going sharply north by end 05.


    US Walter Reed Army Institute of Research signs R&D Agreement
    with Prima and Austin Research Institute
    Tuesday 18 October, 2005 Melbourne, Australia. Prima Biomed (ASX:PRR, ?Prima?) is pleased to
    announce that the US Army Walter Reed Army Institute of Research (?WRAIR?) has signed a
    Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with its subsidiary Panvax Ltd and the
    Austin Research Institute (ARI), to include the DCtag? vaccine adjuvant technology in the
    development of a novel malaria vaccine.
    The joint research program, between WRAIR and ARI, which the parties plan to secure NIH funding to
    complete, will test the ability for DCtag
    conjugated to WRAIR?s proprietary malaria antigens to
    protect against malaria infections, initially in animal models. DCtag
    elicits dendritic cell activity and
    subsequent stimulation of potent humoral (B-cells, antibodies) and cell mediated (CD8 & CD4 T-cell)
    immune responses, both of which are required to prevent a malaria infection.
    ?Alternative vaccines under development around the world generally stimulate CD8 T-cells or
    antibodies, not both. The transferability of the DCtag
    technology to potentially any cancer or
    infectious disease antigen makes it an extremely exciting technology. Prima is focusing internal
    development of DCtag
    in cancer and the opportunity to collaborate with the WRAIR in malaria
    vaccines aligns to our strategy of partnering DCtag
    development in the infectious diseases area?
    said Marcus Clark, CEO Prima.
    Malaria remains highly relevant to the military because of its prevalence, variety, debilitating nature,
    potential lethality, and tendency to become resistant to drugs. No organization in the world has
    WRAIR's experience in the complete spectrum of malaria research. WRAIR has been successful in
    developing and field testing antimalarial drugs. Because there is still no effective malaria vaccine,
    WRAIR is actively pursuing research and development for a vaccine that will protect U.S. military
    personnel in regions of the world where malaria is endemic. Approximately 40% of the world's
    population, mostly those living in the world's poorest countries, is at risk of malaria. Malaria is found
    throughout the tropical and sub-tropical regions of the world and causes more than 300 million acute
    illnesses and at least one million deaths annually.
    In 1999, the malaria market was estimated to be US$100 to 150 million per year by the
    pharmaceutical industry.1 Although the opportunity for revenue may be limited to travellers from the
    developed world, it is also beneficial in terms of DCtag? infectious disease proof of concept.
    "Mr. Clark said, "The signing of this R&D collaboration by the largest and most diverse biomedical
    research laboratory in the U.S. Department of Defense is a strong indication of the DCtag technology's
    breakthrough potential in the world-wide search for a malaria vaccine."
    Prima has secured rights to commercialise the resultant technology worldwide, excluding WRAIR?s
    right to use the vaccine for US government purposes. Prima will seek a licensing partner to develop
    the vaccine for the worldwide market which is consistent with the Prima Board?s strategy to partner
    development of its infectious disease portfolio.
    As recently announced, the future success of Prima lies in the commercialisation of cancer
    technologies, Panvax is developing the DCtag
    technology as an immune stimulant to enhance the
    treatment of cancer.
    1 Medicines for Malaria Venture 1999 http://hopkins-id.edu/tb_rpt/report_07.html

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    Smile Re: PRR - Prima Biomed

    Hi folks,

    Long-term PRR chart tells it all, really .....

    Click here for longer-term PRR chart .....

    Reasoning goes like this:

    05022002 hi = .72 cents and 16032006 low = .072 cents
    ..... a drop of exactly 90% from the highs.

    05022002 =====>>> 16032006 = 1500 calendar days

    1500 days = harmonic of current Jupiter transit for PRR,
    so significant news expected here.

    In the long-term chart, the expected recovery rate
    will see us with a retracement target, at 39.5 cents,
    on 04 April 2008.


    Triple bottom, since first low made, around 4th
    anniversary of the high in 2002 ... see attached chart.

    Monday should usher in 3 significant time
    cycles for PRR, plus another aspect involving
    Jupiter = big changes???

    Our other technical indicators have already turned
    up and our not-so-technical, contrarian indicators
    tell us there's a lot of interest in this vessel,
    albeit from those who were burnt, as she settled
    on the bottom .....


    happy trading


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    Smile Re: PRR - Prima Biomed

    Hi folks,

    PRR ... its working, she's lifting up nicely ..... !~!

    ..... and not much ballast showing below 10 cents,
    right now .....

    happy days


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    Default PRIMA undersold...

    PRIMA FPO (PRR) is in my opinion a Stock worth looking at...
    At current price levels a must consider. PRIMA has a lot going for, especially with positive NEWS to be released first quarter.

    Must check out their website !!


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    Default Re: PRIMA undersold...

    Quote Originally Posted by ozewolf
    PRIMA FPO (PRR) is in my opinion a Stock worth looking at...
    At current price levels a must consider. PRIMA has a lot going for, especially with positive NEWS to be released first quarter.

    Must check out their website !!


    You plugged this stock back in Oct 05 when it was around 10c. It's now down to half that price and you've just plugged it again.

    Are we looking at the same chart..? It's hasn't even reached a sideways/stage 1 trend yet. It's still in Stage 4/downtrend.

    As for their website,,who give a rats about it. It's the SP we're worried about.

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    Default Re: PRR - Prima Biomed


    I know it was back in 05...however good news re Prima's performances
    will start to reflect as a positive in first quarter 07, meaning that I am still bullish about this stock...
    Have a good look at their site and read what's cocking.

    Current price is way under and I believe that this one will heat up and start to show a lot of interest by April 07 latest...

    A takeover (Peptech ?) wouldn't take me by surprise...


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    Default Re: PRR - Prima Biomed

    good gain and volume today...
    anyone noticed ?


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    Default Re: PRR - Prima Biomed

    Quote Originally Posted by ozewolf
    good gain and volume today...
    anyone noticed ?

    Yes mate, but i don't get excited with this because i've lost count the amount of times it's done this and gone straight back down, lower and lower.

    Until the price gets above the 210 Day MA and the MA is clearly ascending, I'm not even thinking about it.

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    Default Re: PRR - Prima Biomed

    Hi there,

    You sound you got burned,
    the game is to buy low and cash in at 30% up.

    Now could be the time since there is a bid of a bio hype happening...


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    Default Re: PRR - Prima Biomed

    Yes ozewolf, i have been burned by this one and what i've learned from it is, never try and predict the bottom, as many newbie's do. As has been said many times, trying to predict the bottom, is like trying to catch a falling knife.

    If trying to predict the bottom and selling after 30% is your plan, then go for it. That's not in my plan.

    There does seem to be a bit of a bio surge nevertheless. Will be interesting to see if it's the start of something more long term...

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    Default Re: PRR - Prima Biomed

    Man you seen it now?


    Announcement - "Australian Patent for Treating Cancer with Antibodies"

    I wonder whats this worth to the company?

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    Default Re: PRR - Prima Biomed

    Only up + 300 % in a day . They're out of cash and their only hope until recently was to sell their intellectual property or pray for some venture capital mob to buy them out. With today's rise the game could change a bit though...

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    Default Re: PRR - Prima Biomed

    lol i think its funny that there is a total of 157,227,158 OS and ~201m got traded today...Def waiting to next patent release.

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    Default Re: PRR - Prima Biomed

    Prima receives Australian Patent for Methods of Treating Cancer with Antibodies

    Tuesday, 14th August, Melbourne, Australia: Prima Biomed Limited (ASX: PRR) today announced that an Australian Patent has been granted to it providing proprietary rights to the therapeutic application of anti-cancer antibodies targeting the tumour antigen, cripto-1.

    Prima has also recently received a notice of allowance in a corresponding US patent application, which is expected to issue as a patent in due course.

    This is an important outcome for the company with this technology as there is international competition for cripto-1 antibodies and the granting of the patent clearly defines the broad scope of Prima’s protection.

    The patent titled, Antibodies Against Cancer, Patent Number 2002240719, claims priority from 26 March 2001 and has an expiry date of 26 March 2022. The patent describes antibodies that target cripto-1, a tumour marker that is over-expressed in cancer cells, making it an attractive target for therapy. The antibodies described in the patent have been shown to inhibit tumour cell growth and induce apoptosis (cell death) in cancer cells. The antibodies work synergistically with chemotherapy agents offering improved cancer cell killing.

    In 2003, Prima’s wholly owned subsidiary Oncomab Pty. Ltd., entered into an agreement with Medarex Inc (USA) to develop human antibodies to cripto-1 after promising levels of anti-tumour activity were demonstrated with prototype, rat-based antibodies. Medarex and Oncomab have recently completed the first stage of preclinical in vivo analysis of the human antibodies.

    The grant of the patent in Australia is the second to be granted in the patent family with prosecution continuing in all other key territories. The first grant of the patent was in New Zealand.

    WOW, what an increase! Over 300%. Spectacular.

    No one got that for the August stock picking contest!

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    Default Re: PRR - Prima Biomed

    Well this is up again today, I'm amazed...this is going upstream and doing it well... what a funny time for this baby to rocket..

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    Default Re: PRR - Prima Biomed

    Hard to tell, especially with current fluctuations, but I don't think that we're to far off seeing this stock @ 0.08 - 0.10...

    Still don't get it why this Stock is so brutaly pushed down at end of days trading...

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    Default Re: PRR - Prima Biomed

    Quote Originally Posted by ozewolf View Post
    Hard to tell, especially with current fluctuations, but I don't think that we're to far off seeing this stock @ 0.08 - 0.10...

    Still don't get it why this Stock is so brutaly pushed down at end of days trading...
    Directors sold up the day after announcement. (Check ASX anns).
    I also saw on the news that there is now a vaccine available to prevent infection from the virus that causes cervicale cancer.
    I bought some @ .3 and sold after I heard this news @ .48

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    Default Re: PRR - Prima Biomed

    PRR is developing a treatment for ovarian cancer, which is completely different from cervical cancer. The anouncment about the new cervical cancer vaccine should have no effect on PRR as preventing cervical cancer has no effect on the rate of ovarian cancer, particularly given that Gardasil, the other HPV vaccine, has been on the market for over a year now.

    The slump in share price has more to do with Eugene Kopp offloading his shares - it is difficult to have confidence in a company that a director is looking to get out of. At the same time two other major shareholders also dumped - because suddenly there was some profit to be had out of a company that in its last report basically stated that it didn't have the capital to continue developing its products, and it was looking for a takeoever offer or selling some of its intellectual property.

    I think this is a shame because they do have some good potential with what they have developed so far - but I don't know where they can really go from here. Trials and further development will cost a lot of money, which they don't have.

    I bought in at 2.2 and sold at 6.8. I am still holding some but don't like the chances of holding through to development - I think the best chance of a profit here now is a takeover before they go bust - a fire sale of their IP is not an attractive option.

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    Default Re: PRR - Prima Biomed

    PRR is on fire as the day is closing; up 42% as I write to 47c, no, now 48c, on volume. No news of course...
    be warned; even my dog ignores me

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